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Street children

Street children have been a problem in Nairobi for 30 years, without the government being seriously concerned about it. In the meantime there are now second generation street children and whole “street children families”. They live without rights, without opportunities, without any hope for happiness.

If you come to Nairobi as a tourist, you will not see much of it. The police have driven them out of the city center. Begging children stealing food, with a glue bottle in the dirty hands – this is not a nice sight for Kenyan businessmen and foreign visitors.

But they exist. They are now dumped in the suburbs and the ever-growing slums. They hide from the police during the day in order not to be beaten and imprisoned, or to be dumped in primitive rehabilitation centers.

There are many reasons why they live on landfill sites and in sewage canals: their parents are dead, the father has disappeared and the mother can not feed them, the parents are sick or drowned, they have chase the children out of the house or have sent them to go begging in the city. Some are also thrown out of school and lead a gang life on the streets.

All are prone to illness and injury, they are threatened by beatings and rape. They feed on waste and forget their misery when sniffing glue. After a few years, their brains has been damaged, the chance of an education or a job lost forever.

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