Frank Plasberg, presenter of the ARD program “hart aber fair”

Why do you support Shangilia Germany?

For me, Shangilia Germany is a very special project because everyone works voluntarily. This means that 100% of all donations to this organisation arrive at the Kenyan home. This small project gives me the opportunity to provide direct and fast help, which is not slowed down by long bureaucratic processes. Our cooperation is fast and uncomplicated. It impresses me how the members of this association are pragmatic.

What is the outstanding thing about this project?

The street children’s home in Nairobi was founded by a Kenyan woman and is still run exclusively by Kenyans. So it is help from Kenyans for Kenyans who receive our support. In addition, the children not onlyreceive  accommodation and food but learn acrobatics, dancing and musi.  In so doing they build up their self-confidence that they have often lost in their lives on the street. They present their stage shows in front of primary schools and show that they, too, as former street children can do something and are worth something.

How did you hear about this project?

A colleague lived in Nairobi for several years, and she was a supporter of Shangilia from the beginning. She drew my attention to this project.

What is your relationship with Kenya

I have traveled through Kenya and have seen people living in the slums and had many street children begging me for money.  I decided I needed to do something myself to help these people.

What are your plans for the future with Shangilia?

I would particularly like to support vocational training at Shangilia. In Kenya, it is no longer enough to provide the children with a good school education. We must give them a good start in their professional activities, so that they can master the leap into a prosperous future after their time at Shangilia.


Thank you for your interest in shangilia

If you have any questions or would like to receive more information about the project and our organisation please contact us.