Shangilia for the future

The long-term goal of the Kenyans and Shangilia is to become more independent of donations from Germany and elsewhere. Money to run projects like Shangilia should be generated in Kenya.

The aim is to make Shangilia more popular in Nairobi and thus establish contact with Kenyan companies and individuals who can then support the project.

Together with the Kenyans we want to develop new ideas and concepts, how the ongoing maintenance costs can be reduced while increasing access to the project. The fact that our children have many performances in public places in the city, well-to-do youngsters from Nairobi use the skate park for a fee and that vegetables are sold from our gardens, we can certainly see the first successes of our efforts.  We also understand this as the start of promoting “self-help”

As a result we have many on going project at Shangilia.

Shangilia Map

Move your mouse over the aerial image to highlight the various parts of the school and click on them.


The stage is very important to the school.  It not only serves a central focus for the school but is also wehre the children perform their plays, dance, acrobatics and music.


Education is the most important thing we can give the children. We try to achieve the highest standards.


Not only do our gardens provide food for the chool, but it teaches valuable skills.

Football Pitch

Who does not enjoy football. Keeps the children motivated and fit.


The skatepark is brilliant. It also enables children from around Nairobi to practice their skills.

Teachers Houses

Our staff housing enables staff to live on the property and helps save costs.


Our well provides a value and expensive resource.


Popular with the younger children and just clean fun!


Our home provides a safe environment for the children.


Thank you for your interest in shangilia

If you have any questions or would like to receive more information about the project and our organisation please contact us.