Finally classrooms with neat tables and chairs, tables and even a real teacher's room. The foundation of the Rheinzeitung took over the costs.

Computers for the school

If we want the children to have a real chance, they must also be familiar with the computer world. With the help of Labdoo, we were able to equip the school with laptops.

Energy: New well and solar power

With a long-term perspective on costs and the environment, we are very glad that our sponsors for home and school support this idea.

New School 2012

The first building activity on the Shangilia property was the new construction of the school, financed by "A Heart for Children". The opening ceremony took place in October 2012.


The cooperation between Skate-Aid and the Dirk Novitzki Foundation provided Shangilia with a multifunctional skater and basketball facility, which is totally unique in Kenya. The complex brings together children and young people from all social strata in Nairobi.

New Home 2014

In 2014, the new home was completed, so that living and learning was once again under one roof.

Thank you for your interest in shangilia

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