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The stage

Our founder Anne Wanjugu knew from her own experience as an actress that the applause of the audience changes the actor on the stage, that this makes him fly, almost gives him wings.

When we get involved with street children, we must be aware of the fact that we are dealing with young people who are badly damaged because they have been neglected, rejected, abused, and simply not noticed.

So what is better than to convey the feelings of the children despised and despised by society on the stage?

Applause! Possibly by the same people who have recently driven them out on to the streets. Usually, the children play their own life on stage, often in bitter-comic sketches.

Soon traditional dance was added, African songs in different languages, drumming and acrobatics. Today, the children perform in schools, but also in lodges, at official events attended by the president, at company parties, but also in front of the neighbours in the slum.

Since the death of Anne Wanjugu, Shangilia has concentrated more on music, dance and acrobatics. A wind instrument group has been added. Several CDs have already been recorded. In recent years, the children have been invited to perform in Thailand, the USA and Zanzibar. In the summer of 2012 they came to Germany for the second time and again in 2016.

Much money is not earned with these performances, although the number of requests for an appearance increases. What is important is rather the public attention and the transmission of a message: “Yes, we can!”

Thank you for your interest in shangilia

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