29 Mar 2018

Lechenich Gymnasium in Germany

My name is Madita

Name: Madita

Age: 14 years old

Birthday: 12.06.2003 in Cologne

Grade: 9

Home: Erftstadt (Near Cologne)

Hobbies: Dancing, sport activities, reading and writing, playing Badminton with my friend Luisa

Language skills: German, good english and learning french

Family: I live in a house with my parents, my little sister (11 years old) and my cat (Éclaire)

Future plans: I want to study law or psychologist (Or to open a sushi restaurant)

Holidays: Meeting with friends or we go often to France

Reason why I’m in the club: I want to learn more about the African culture and traditions

My questions:

How are the subjects in your school?
What are your plans for the future?
What is the traditional food?