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With the new home a dream comes true

For more than 10 years the school director Japheth Njenga has dreamt that the Shangilia children will one day have a new and bright and home of their own. In October 2014, the new home was finally inaugurated.

Since the completion of the new main building, the three pillars of Shangilia:  home, school and stage, have once again been united under one roof. The large two storey building is circular in shape, modelled after a typical Kenyan village.

The new home is no comparison to the previous cramped conditions. The bedrooms are bright and designed for 16 to 20 children. Every child has their own wardrobe and bed. There are separate bathrooms for boys and girls with running water and showers. The matron has her own room and a separate sick room is also available.

At the center of the building is the stage – the most important meeting place for the Shangilia children. It is equipped with a wooden floor and mats for workouts. Here the children can practice acrobatics and dances and also perform in front of an audience.

Thank you for your interest in shangilia

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