Shangilia Primary School


In the new building, the Shangilia children are taught from kindergarten to grade 8 of elementary school. The special feature is that not only the children from the street children’s home go to school here. It is also open to children from the neighborhood. It is of enormous importance to us to involve the inhabitants of the surrounding area, Kibagare slum. Thus, Shangilia is accepted in its surroundings and this is an effective protection against theft and violence.


A primary school is important to compensate for the considerable shortcomings of the street children, who have not yet gone to school at all or only with major interruptions. For example, e.g. A sixteen-year-old with the education of a second-grader in a public school is difficult to integrate. The classes remain comparatively small and in future have no more than 22 children per a class.


The elementary school ends with the 8th grade and the official final examinations of the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE)  Successful completion of this examination entitles you to attend a secondary school.

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