The Shangilia story started in 1994

Shangilias story started in the year 1992. The Kenyan actress Anne Wanjugu played a leading role in a film about street children. Deeply affected by the experience and the children involved, she founded Shangilia and it became her life work until her death.


The electricity demand at the home is largely covered by the installation of a photovoltaic system. We are happy to be able to reduce our electricity bill.


Following years of hard work we were able to finally open the new home this year. The children have plenty of space to play. A well was dug so we could reduce the water bill.


Installation of a vegetable garden which helped secure some independence. Thanks to a donation by the Welthungerhilfe we were able to start the construction of the new home.

In November the first Kenyan skate-park was built with a lot of media attention. The Music Club at the Mallinckrodt Gymnasium from Dortmund visited Shangilia and gave the African children their first taste of Mozart’s Magic Flute.


In the summer the Shangilia children travelled to and performed in Slovenia, Austria and Germany. They visited their partner schools in Köln, Bonn, Troisdorf, St. Augustin and Dortmund. Shangilia Deutschland supported these activities with workshops in the schools.

Finally we were able to commence construction of the new school. The opening in September was a great event. In addition to prominent Kenyans, the German Ambassador, many of our sponsors,  the complete team from Shangilia Deutschland, as well as representatives from the slum attended and were impressed by the many performances made by the children.


Our charity expanded and became better known. The sponsoring programme was expanded and was well received. The year was taken up with the many bureaucratic barriers that have prevented construction of the school from starting.


“Ein Herz für Kinder” contributed towards the cost of building the new school and Frank Plasberg became our patron.

In cooperation with the  KinderKulturKarawane a group of Shangilia children were able to travel with their trainers and the school director throughout Germany and visit many local schools.


The charity “Shangilia Deutschland e.V.”was registered.

We were were finally able to remove squatters and claim back the land for the school. The children can now play on their own land. They still do not have their own home.

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