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A kind of generational contract for training costs

If the results of the final exam are good enough for attending a secondary school, the Shangilia children switch to a secondary school.

Subsequently, the young people either begin vocational training or, when their school results are outstanding, they can complete a university degree.

The costs for vocational training or studies are partly reimbursed by the young people, as soon as they have found a job.

Shangilia’s students are usually obtain a grant from the state after the first year of study. In addition, they reduce the study fees by doing part time work within the university administration. In addition, they undertake to reimburse part of the fees paid by Shangilia if they earn enough money later in the profession of their choice.

This money flows back into the project. As with a generational contract, the young people take some responsibility for Shangilia and the children who come after them.

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