Specific donation to help a child in Shangilia

There are many occasions to support Shangilia: anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, christenings or company events. How about a gift with which you are equally happy? By asking your guests for a donation to Shangilia, you are directly supporting Shangilia with their social commitment and at the same time promoting public awareness for our work by announcing and reporting about the project.

Give something extraordinary

Also as a donor, you have the opportunity to make two people happy with a special gift. Starting with a sum of 10 Euros, you can help a child in Shangilia and “give a gift” to the recipient with our gift certificate. Instead of donating money, you can, for example, give school material, a school uniform or a sponsorship. Contact us if you would like to support the project with an extraordinary gift idea. We would love to discuss some ideas with you.

With this decision, you will help someone who will be really happy about your gift. They give the recipient a joy with our gift certificate and provide practical life support for a Shangilia child.

Please fill in the form completely. We will come back to you quickly.

Thank you for your interest in shangilia

If you have any questions or would like to receive more information about the project and our organisation please contact us.